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You don't have to be"new" to Kenmure to join Kenmure Newcomers & Neighbors!! KNN members are a friendly group of individuals who enjoy meeting new people and participating in a variety of fun activities like dining, wine tasting, hiking, arts and adventure, and more!

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Membership Chair: Beth Rountree

Database Chair EMAIL address:

Upcoming Events

KNN Board 2022

Mark Your Calendar

Mark Your Calendar For 2022

August 18th Pinnacle Peak

August 24th Glassy  Mt.

September 8th Line Dancing & Lunch

September 14th "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" KNN Ladies' Night Out

September 19th Sierra Nevada Tour & Lunch

October 5th Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon

October 8th Tryon Equestrian Saturday Night Lights & Dinner

October 28th "Rocktober"

KNN Fall Party

November 16th Line Dancing & Lunch

December 4th Dicken's Dinner at the Orchard Inn           Saluda, NC

2022 KNN Board

President - Leslie Robins 

Vice President - Suzanne Hampton

Secretary - Katie Glockler

Treasurer - Laura Martin

Membership - Beth Rountree 

Activities - Carol Battocchio

Entertainment - Robin Steinberg

Communications - Maral Johnson

Database/Website - Sally Hale

Pinnacle Peak Patio Party

August 18th

  • Pinnacle Peak East
  • Pinnacle Peak West
  • Tarnhill East
  • Tarnhill West

Kenmure/Berwick Patio Party

Glassy Mt. Patio Party

August 24th

  • Brookwood Village
  • Glassy Central
  • Glassy Lower Fairway
  • Glassy Lower Golfside

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KNN Board Members 2022

Leslie Robins


Suzanne Hampton

Vice President

Katie Glockler


Laura Martin


Carol Battcchio

Activities Chair

Beth Rountree

Membership Chair

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